School project

For this project it was my job to think up and create an interactive installation which could be placed on Beyond Festival to get the visitors to support the good cause of Miliedefensie.


One of the goals of Milieudefensie is to make Dutch farmers stop using soy cattle fodder from the rainforest-region in South America and start using locally grown fodder. Sadly the local fodder is more expensive for the farmers, and the consumers buying their products mostly aren't aware that the meat and eggs they are buying is costing the world big parts of it's rainforest.

Milieudefensie is a big supporter of GIJS-Streekproducten, a company that sells rainforest-friendly eggs which are laid by chickens that feed on locally grown cattle fodder.
So buying these eggs means there will be less impact on the rainforest. Not many people know about this awesome initiative so Milieudefensie could use some help in getting the word out and get some donations from the public to increase their efforts. Time to help!


My plan for the festival was to create a fun and accessible installation to bring the serious message to the partying crowd. People paid money to enjoy the mellow festival vibes, somehow my installation had to blend in with this serious message!

Milieudefensie is a big supporter of GIJS-Streekproducten, a company that sells rainforest-friendly eggs which are laid by chickens that feed on locally grown cattle fodder.
The goal was to create a personal bond between the visitor and the rainforest-friendly chickens so they would want to support and donate. What a better way to do that than to make the user responsible for the well being of a cute little chick?!


Imagine a couple of 'healthy hippies' partying on the plains of Beyond Festival. Suddenly they see the installation, which is nothing more than a touchscreen on a pole with a big egg on the screen, and a couple of real chickens walking around.
Explain 1


The opening screen with the big egg says nothing but 'Tap!', so out of curiosity people interact with the screen. When the user taps the egg it starts cracking. They'll tap again and see the birth of 'their' chicken! At this point without any real instructions they know how to interact with the application and they've already gazed into the big eyes of the cute little chick. They're already sold!
Explain 2


When the chick is born the user, as the parent, has to make some decisions for the chicken to make sure she grows up to be strong and healthy, so she can produce her own eggs. The user can constantly decide between two options, one being good for the little chick, the other bad. Continually making the right decisions the user will end with a happy, healthy, egg laying chicken! However if the user makes bad decisions (by making her eat rainforest soy for example..) eventually the chicken can die and it's game over!
Explain 3


When the user successfully makes the right decisions he will get to the donation screen where he can make a donation and leave his details for further information. This way he can keep supporting 'his' chicken which he now bonded with and in the meantime contributes to a better world. How is that for a happy ending?
Explain 3


Adopt a Chicken
01 The opening screen. The only instruction the user gets is ‘tap!’ to entice them to start playing.
Adopt a Chicken
02 After tapping the egg cracks and you witness the birth of your chicken.
Adopt a Chicken
03 As the parent it is your responsibilty to make sure it grows up to be a healthy chicken. DECIDE!
Adopt a Chicken
04 You can make good decisions..
Adopt a Chicken
05 Or bad ones.
Adopt a Chicken
06 The choices you make will affect the way your chicken grows up!
Adopt a Chicken
07 Too many bad decisions and you’ll kill the chicken. Talk about bad parenting..
Adopt a Chicken
08 However if you make the right choices you will end up with a healthy, egg laying chicken, which you then can adopt if you wish by filling out this form.