The start

In my early designer days I've worked in a design studio / art gallery called Animaux. Here I learned to work with tools like Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign working mostly for print. The projects were always on the high-end so we spent a lot of time on tiniest details making it all look perfect. Every now and then a client would ask for a website so I also got to fiddle with coding for web, and with the then still celebrated Flash software.

Next stop was more web oriented, working for WebUser. The work here was mostly webdesign for their own Content Management System and later for WordPress. Here i got more into coding and figuring out how the web works.
But, I always jumped up when there was a client who needed branding, logos or illustrations. In the six years that I worked at WebUser I worked on a lot of diverse projects. At the same time the web was changing. From animating in Flash in the early days to Flat design and WordPress templates in the latter. The job became more repetitive because of templating and more plug-and-play systems were popping up almost monthly so I found myself yearning for other forms of design more and more.

A new direction

That's when I decided to change the path I was taking. The first step I took was going back to school and gain more knowledge. I signed up for 'Communication and Multimedia Design' at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). In the meantime I also started freelancing under the name Floki, doing a few projects with logo design, infographics, social media collateral et cetera.

School life was a busy life! Thanks to my prior experiences in design I was able to finish the course in 3 years instead of the standard 4 (sure made my momma proud!). In my last year I spent 6 months as an intern for Public Cinema, a company working mostly in the fields of animation, video and infographics.
After enjoying my time at school as a student I've managed to get a job that combines both teaching and designing at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). I've done a lot of design work so far but bringing my knowledge to a whole group of students sure was something new for me. It was a new challenge and one that worked out really well. I've grown to love the interaction with the students, some eager to learn, some not so much - but that's where, sometimes, magical things can happen.

So I've tasted a lot of different fields in design, from print to web, from animating characters to presenting information in a clear and understandable way, from learning to teaching and back to learning. And there's still so much to learn! I guess that's what makes design so interesting, it's transforming and growing every single moment - it's alive, and I can't wait to found out where it will take me next.


In my spare time I make music and you can find my albums at my Bandcamp page right here - enjoy!



Teacher / Designer (Instructeur Praktijk Onderwijs)
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
2018 - present
Creative Business + Communicatie

Visual designer
2014 - present

Illustrator / Animator / Allround
Public Cinema

UI & UX / Illustrator / Front-end
2008 - 2014

Visual designer / Illustrator
2005 - 2008


Communication and Multimedia Design
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
2014 - 2017
Finished in 3 years!

Interactive Design
Mediacollege Amsterdam
2005 - 2009